What is ProjectMe®!

ProjectMe® is an amazing transformational process allowing our Me’s to make quick and visible changes to their fitness and wellness goals. The ProjectMe® community for each cycle provides unparalleled support to help reach your goals.  ProjectMe® is more about transitioning to a life-long healthy lifestyle.  Our Me’s join us to lose weight, tone up, gain muscle, increase athletic performance, etc.  We have coaches across multiple disciplines and we can tailor our program to meet you needs.
  • 80% Nutrition, 20% fitness, easy meal plan
  • Simple yet amazing tasting meal replacement options with 100’s of recipes
  • Proper long term eating education
  • Advance, intermediate and beginner fitness programs that don’t require a gym
  • 4-to-1 Me to trainer ratio
  • Social Media support with other Me’s across the world
  • Biweekly meetings and visible feedback on progress
  • Professional photoshoot upon completion of your goals
  • Availability everywhere with ProjectMe® teams in Denver, Seattle, Dallas and Pittsburg
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ProjectMe® Resources

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Project Me – Getting Started Essential shopping list

We’ve provided this list to make your Project Me, even easier. Give you a great base of food […]

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Work Outs

During your workout meeting, you were assigned a level 1, 2 or 3 and the coach will have modified it for your specific level. But, […]

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Shake Recipes

Shake recipes are 8-10 oz of water, 1 cup of “frozen” and a recipe below!!  If you use milk, skip the PDM.  This is a […]

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Basic Meal Plan

Check out the fundamental meal plan core to the Project Me fitness program.  This gives you some great general guidelines and your coaches will adjust […]

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Your stats

During your initial and final weigh ins, you’re given several statistics about your body weight, composition, etc. This section explains those measurements in detail so […]