Kitchen gadgets take the guess work out of cooking clean meals! Here are ten staples in my kitchen.

1. A Good Blender


A good blender is so important in so many recipes – soups, dressings and most definitely shakes! Without the right blender, your shakes might come out too chunky, icy, etc. I bought a refurbished Blendtec last year and I haven’t look back! The certified refurbished blenders are almost half the price of a brand new Blendtec and they come with a 7-year warranty (if purchased on Blendtec’s official website). They have great customer service too! The first blender motor that they sent me was broken and I was able to get another shipped out to me the same week… I have also used a Vitamix blender that also has a similar refurbished deal. If you are making shakes every day, I’d say these two blenders are worth the price.

If you’re looking for a blender that’s not so hard on your wallet, Oster blenders are great quality blenders for a reasonable price! They do an excellent job of blending ice into ‘smoothie’ texture. Oster blenders come in a great variety – if you’re always on the go, they have convenient to-go cup blenders starting at $24.99.


2. Slow Cooker / CrockPot 



No time to cook dinner? Clean eating is made easy with crock pots! I could not live without mine – whether it’s just prepping chicken for my weekly meals or making an entire dish in it… This thing is my life saver (and time saver too)! Here’s a list of crock pot recipes from Skinnytaste.


3. Vegetable Steamer 


Steaming vegetables as a side dish is so quick and easy, it’d be silly not to do it! Steamers can come in really simple forms as well as super fancy contraptions. Side note, if you like your vegetables with their natural crisp, look into a bamboo steamer. Bamboo steamers are great for steaming vegetables and other foods – you can even infuse different herbs into the water to add more flavor! Take your pick, just make sure you have one and use it!


4. Salad Spinner

Salad spinners were made to remove excess water from your salads. This will help your dressing to adhere to the salad preventing you from overdressing! I love my super affordable salad spinner from iKEA!


5. Digital Scale

Counting calories? One of the most efficient ways to measure your servings is by weighing it! Digital scales are great for measuring out your protein servings (mainly meat) as the label may not indicate how many servings are in one package.


6. Measuring Spoons/Cups


Many people are surprised when they learn what a teaspoon of honey or a 1/4 cup of rice looks like! Rather than guessing, measuring spoons and cups will accurately measure out your servings for you!


7. Tupperware


This one’s for all of my meal prep homies! Lots of tupperware in multiple shapes and sizes will make meal prepping so much fun! There’s a certain sense of accomplishment that comes with prepping a whole week’s worth of meals in such a short time. I get a lot of my meal prep ideas from the fitmencook blog!


8. Oil Mister


Oil misters are a great way to still get the benefits of cooking with oil without over-doing it! Use it on your salads too to prevent over-dressing! Here’s one from Amazon for less than $10.


9. Vegetable Spiralizer 


One word. Love. I love my vegetable spiralizer! I am such a carb monster and while I eat a moderate-carb diet, I have weeks where I know I would go overboard on grains and starches if I didn’t have this baby. I make zoodles (zucchini noodles) with this all the time, which I can pair with anything my heart desires.


10. Portion Friendly Plates


I notice I eat more appropriate servings when I eat off of a smaller plate! For this reason, I have included portion friendly plates on this list! If you’re eating off of large plates, you might find that you are eating more because you have the urge to fill your plate. Experiment with smaller plates and you may see a difference in the amount of food you are eating!


Thanks for reading! What are your favorite kitchen gadgets? Leave a comment below!