BETTER BOOTY Instructions

Bigger, more tone, both…we’re here to help you!

The Challenge is simple

  1.   You’ve been assigned one of two groups.  Look at the right or left column and follow the program exactly over the next 30 days
  2.   Log your workouts on your Facebook page and document any missed workouts
  3.  Take a picture on day 0 and day 30 like the one below we’ll use for comparison
  4. Add weights if you want to increase size, but make sure you can hit the reps.  Otherwise you can up the reps a little for more toning
  5. We’ll do some sort of small prize for the best transformation for both program.  This is more about research and fun and don’t worry we’ll switch everyone to the best routine for the following 30 days if you’re not tired of butt exercises :).

Keep on your nutrition, that will do more to tone up than anything else if you need to lose some weight.  Stay ultra strict and you’ll be very happy with your results :).  It starts Monday 6/15, you can do the workout either in the morning or evening.  This is in addition to whatever workout you’re already doing.

Take this picture Day 0 and Day 30 with a swimsuit

You can put a piece of paper with a date in the picture if you want.  Post day 0 if you want to hold yourself even more accountable.  It’s not required however.

Pick the column based on what group you’re assigned to!


The SQUAT challenge

This little challenge is borrowed from our friends at 30day fitness challenges, click here for details

Make sure you squeeze your butt to push yourself up.  There is a great video on proper form and unless you’re already squatting, I would recommend doing this without weights.  You do not have to do all of them in a row, but you should try to complete as many as possible, rest then try again.  Remember, this can easily turn into a leg-only exercise if you don’t focus on squeezing your butt on the way up through the top.  Focus your attention on that area as you go up and down.


Click here to play the BETTER BOOTY VIDEO!

That’s Talia, featured in our video above.  She’s a collegiate heptathlon competitor and has some serious lower body muscle.  Caley takes her through a toning workout and a strength/size workout.  So here is how it goes. If your birth month is an odd number, you will be doing the squat challenge. If your birth month is an even number, you’ll be doing the butt video.  If you are doing this outside our challenge, pick whichever one you want to do! You can choose to do the toning section 6 days a week, starting at 20 minutes and each week adding 5 minutes till you get to 35 minutes.  Remember, you can do this tabata style or 20 reps per exercise in a exercise, next exercise, and once you’re at the end, repeat the cycle. If you choose to do the second section, strength/bigger, you’ll do 3 days a week of the strength routine and 3 of the toning. On the toning, do the 20 reps per exercise and pick 3-4 to rotate each day. Make sure you have at least 2+ standing exercises and the remaining on the floor. Make sure you mix it up a bit. On the strength segment ,you’ll need weights and you want them to be hard. I would recommend that if you’re still losing weight, focus on the toning only. It will pay off!

The Squat challenge to the left is easy, just follow the recommended squats per day on the chart.

So, take your butt picture, in a bikini if possible tomorrow morning!!  If you want to put pressure on yourself, post it up on the facebook participant page on the comment thread I’ll start to track this. We’ll do side by sides at 2 weeks and 30 days, so get ready! Also, post which routine you are doing (challenge or video) and then check in on the group to let us know you’ve finished the workout that day and how you feel. Can’t wait to see the results!