Cheers to YOUR Health!

  Green tea is a much healthier substitute to more common beverages like coffee, soda, or fruit juices packed with sugars. So the question is WHY aren't you drinking it?  Green Tea contains very strong natural antioxidants called polyphenols, ones that not only help you attain a healthy body, skin and hair, but have been suggested to help block the [...]

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How to make a resolution that you can stick to!

2014 is here, and as many of have probably already started planing your New Years resolutions. If you haven't, there's still time!!  These tips will guide you through creating one that you can stick to for the next 12 months, not just through February. ;) Write it down.  Be clear, specific, and simple.  Having too many resolutions will leave you feeling [...]

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Check out these healthy foods that will give your metabolism a kick in the behind!

What to Eat: Almonds: Although high in calories (don’t overdo it), they contain fatty acids that raise your metabolism. Apples and Pears: High fiber makes you burn more calories. Beans: High protein + high fiber = more calories burned. Broccoli: Calcium and vitamin C create a metabolism-rising duo. Cinnamon: Add it to sugary drinks and foods to help your body [...]

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