Project Me - Getting Started Essential shopping list We've provided this list to make your Project Me, even easier. Give you a great base of food to eat and key ingredients to mix with your shakes to give you dozens of options. Puddings can be Sugar Free or Regular, only 10 calories difference. Syrups can be found in the coffee [...]

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Work Outs

During your workout meeting, you were assigned a level 1, 2 or 3 and the coach will have modified it for your specific level. But, the core workouts are located here.  These are used as part of the original Project Me team.  But, your specific coach may recommend other programs based on fitness level and particular health goals you want. [...]

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Shake Recipes

Shake recipes are 8-10 oz of water, 1 cup of "frozen" and a recipe below!!  If you use milk, skip the PDM.  This is a great way to build some variety into your shakes over the weeks you are transforming your body.  Continue to check back from time to time as we continue to grow and experiment with new ways [...]

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Basic Meal Plan

Check out the fundamental meal plan core to the Project Me fitness program.  This gives you some great general guidelines and your coaches will adjust it according to your needs. Take a look and call your coach if you have any questions! You must log in to see the content,  . Breakfast Meal Protein:20-25 gramsMultivitamin Cell Activator Total Control [...]

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