No, we’re not talking Fiber, but we are talking something equally as important.  The ProjectMe page has been relatively static.  However, from here on out, we are going to have regular contributions going on each week to keep you up to date on the latest information, reviews and nutritional guidance.

So we’re starting off fairly light.  As you can tell, we make our graduates our models, our advertisements and our marketing material.  ProjectMe emphasizes the way you feel, energy level and the way you look more than the scale.  Numbers on the scale can be so deceiving with “that time of the month”, time of day, water retention in general, etc. so much so it often becomes more frustrating than motivating.

The featured image was our photoshoot to celebrate “Getting Ready for Spring Break.”  The thing that struck me most was someone had polled the girls after the shoot.  Turns out they had lost over 250lbs combined on ProjectMe.  All of them had done different numbers of cycles and started at different places, but literally 250lbs (an amount I don’t think I could even bench press anymore) just through paying attention to nutrition and exercising properly.  So these are just a few of the successes of ProjectMe!