Our ProjectMe’s inspire us all the time. We’re always amazed at what they can accomplish and how they can create a new image of themselves through proper nutrition and motivation. I’d like to share a few quotes from the January cycle. The inspirational poster above was inspired by one of our Me’s having this revelation this morning. Here’s a few more pearls of success and wisdom.

“I finally get it. Today I crossed the line from ‘doing it because I have to’ and ‘doing it because I want to’. I did the century work out and the last thing I had to do was run a mile. I thought there is no way I can run after all that. But I did! And I kept going! And I ran for longer than I ever have before! And it was awesome. I WANT this! Project Me”

“These hadn’t for me for over a year!!! My V day attire fits!! Yay!!” – S

“In these past 4 weeks, my pants have gone from loose

[sic] to tight that my stomach hung over and now, today, I have just gone down a whole[sic] pant size! My husband’s pants are falling completely off and gee has also gone down a whole[sic] pant size!”

“Thank goodness for the pics, I would have never said that 4 weeks ago, because it’s allowed me to SEE that it’s working! Every single day is a struggle for me and thanks to this group and the support I feel like I can get through anything! I’m gonna need you all for a 2nd cycle to finish up my weight loss journey!”