This page is provided as a basic course outline to understanding all of the elements of ProjectMe

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It also contains some directional learning about the nutritional supplements and compensation model for the Herbalife products.

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New Distributor training

Okay, if you have not gone through the basic distributor training for ProjectMe start there. There are daily emails that are 15-20 minutes long each day to do. But this will give you a great base to understand how Herbalife works. It covers everything from initial setup to accounting, to taxes to wellness evaluations. Start there first and go out of the gates strong.
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Herbalife Information

In order to fully understand how to maximize your earnings, you should log into your account and visit the following links

The temptation to ask a quick question is pretty great.  But I would recommend reading the Herbalife training and watching the videos.  They also have a distributor relations like that can answer most questions.  This can keep the support groups for coaches from being bombarded constantly with recurring questions.  So we recommend starting in the website first for your answers.

What are the various events

Weight Loss Challenge

The weight loss challenge is a 6-week educational program where clients can win money for losing weight.  It is meant to bring in clients that don’t want the rigor of ProjectMe but still want a group support system.  We run weight loss challenges in the middle of ProjectMe to capture clients that might have missed the ProjectMe sign up

Squeeze Promotion

4-weeks out from the next ProjectMe cycle, we offer a squeeze promotion to people that want to enroll in the next ProjectMe.  The idea is they still join the support group, they get product early (one month early) and they get a head start on their weight loss/fitness program.  You treat them more like a individual coached client.  You utilize this promo to get referrals from your me’s and to prefill your next ProjectMe cycle.  Each participant gets a free ProjectMe tanktop and if your current Me’s refer in two people, they also get a free tank top!