We love helping our ProjectMe's. They have some incredible changes in their lives during the 8 week process. Beyond just the physical changes, we hear energy, confidence, love and renewed vigor for life.

As one of the founders of ProjectMe I felt I should say why I started rolling this out nationwide.  I’m over 50 and I can’t believe how my energy level has returned to the same level it was in my 30’s.  Getting my nutrition solid and consistent has made a world of difference in my life and productivity.
Jay, ProjectMe
Thank you so much for sending this picture.  I cried when I saw how much progress I’d made in only 2 weeks.  I finally feel like I can lose the weight!
Eleigh, ProjectMe October
I can’t thank you guys enough.  This whole process has changed my life forever.  I have so much confidence now and I’m not afraid to sit down in my bikini…I don’t have a muffintop to hide.
Megan, Original ProjectMe
Anyone in college needs to get the ProjectMe nutrition.  As an athlete I ate whatever I wanted because I exercised a ton.  Little did I know what I was missing from not getting my body nourished the right way.
Jordyn, ProjectMe August
I was tired of being grumpy all the time.  ProjectMe got back the old, happy me!
Caley, Jay and the ProjectMe team has literally changed my life.  I now know how to get in the best shape of my life!
Thuc, ProjectMe June
First single digit pant size since my freshman year of high school. I’m a curvy woman so ill never be a size 1 or 3, but it’s good to know I’m NOT a 13 anymore. 40lbs down!
Lauren, ProjectMe October
 I have a long way to go… But this journey has been life changing…love the Project Me family support and my 5280 team! I’m not looking back!
Traci, ProjectMe October
Yup! This happened today. This size had not been in my closet for 17 years. From someone who has tried almost every crash diet… This is the real deal! Project Me and the 5280 Family (yes ur family now).. Thank u! Thank u to my coach Fittcoach RandyYoder and Nicole Lynch who just give the best motivation each and every day. I know my 8 weeks are almost up but that means nothing to me… Watch me in 8 months. Keep going Project Me’s!! If I can… U can!
Traci, ProjectMe August
I felt this was perfect to share today because when I first started this program, everyone was whispering and talking behind my back saying do you really think she can do this? Now I’m like your dang right I can
Annette, ProjectMe


Thanks everyone! I’m feeling on top of the world right now! Never imagined this in 6 weeks!
Heather, ProjectMe June
Ok guys here’s mine. My awesome journey started mid February down 63lbs! and 8lbs in just the last 6weeks , it is incredible what I’m noticing with Project me workouts, my arms and stomach and strength is amazing to me.
Lorraine, ProjectMe

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