During your workout meeting, you were assigned a level 1, 2 or 3 and the coach will have modified it for your specific level. But, the core workouts are located here.  These are used as part of the original Project Me team.  But, your specific coach may recommend other programs based on fitness level and particular health goals you want.    Before beginning any exercise program, we strongly recommend you first consult a physician or other qualified health care provider. A physician or other health care provider can determine what type of exercise, diet, the frequency, and the intensity are appropriate for each individual. A physician or other health care provider may be able to recommend or alter an exercise program that will cater to a person’s specific heath concerns and needs.

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Level 1 – Beginner  

Level 2 – Intermediate Project Me – Printable Inter

Level 3 – Advanced

These serve as the core for the 8-week transformation cycle.

Do prefer to download and print your program and workouts?

Project Me – Printable Beginner Workout Program

Project Me – Printable Intermediate Workout

Project Me – Printable Advanced Workout

There are also some really great workouts for variety on our PInterest board.

We also have some great workouts on our Pinterest Workouts section


We’ve also provided some links to RightFITT”s form exercises here.  This will help you with proper form.  If you have any questions of the right way to do an exercise listed, click below!







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